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3. SSH essentials

This part of the document will contain the basics to ssh. [todo]

3.1 Keys and Crypto

This part is to be containing a short basic intro on how the crypto mechanism works. [todo]

3.2 Thank god for O'Reilly (read this!)

In the snail book, also know as SSH, The Secure Shell: The Definitive Guide written by Daniel J. Barret & Richard Silverman, published by O'Reilly, there was a line containing the following :

repeat the following scentence three times : "ssh -v is your friend"

This will give you verbose logging, so you can see what is happening. From now on, we will consider using ssh -v as standard procedure when using ssh.

By the way, the authors of the snailbook also maintain a website on the book, which has some sample chapters, and a nice FAQ. It can be found at (how appropriate) If you want to become a ssh-shaolin-master, I reccomend you buy the book :).

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